The Choice of a Subscription Plan


Think about all your plans and intentions using monitoring application. Choose the best and the most appropriate subscription plan taking into account all your likings, requirements and preferences. You can select either Basic or Premium one.

Adding a certain device

Once you have finished with the purchase, you have a free access to your Control Panel. So, you can add there a target device you`ve chosen for monitoring.

Setup process


Access to a target device

You should take a device you want to monitor. Physical access is required here. So, before you buy SPYWAREAPP make sure you can do it. If the device you are going to monitor is iOS one, iCloud solution can burn your curiosity. It requires no jailbreak and physical access to the device. But, this iCloud solution offers you only 11 from 24 monitoring functions. And, these functions can be used with the Premium Subscription.


A step before the installation

If you are going to monitor iOS device, you should jailbreak it firstly. If a chosen device is Android, you have to root it. These processes are very important before a successful installation.
If you don’t have an opportunity to root a target Android device, do not worry. It is optional. But, if you want to use some beneficial features like monitoring chats, emails and other social networks, it is better for you to do it.


Installation itself

Now you have to install the app. You will get full and clear instructions and useful tips how to do it in a proper way via email. If you feel that you can`t do something well, you are always welcome to contact our Customer Support.


The final process

After the installation, you can start monitoring and following someone`s device. Use your Control Panel and follow what is going on someone`s device.


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