Smartphone Tracking Features


  • Follow all chats used on a target device
  • You can easily monitor all of them, including Skype, WhatsApp Facebook, Viber, etc. chats


  • You can monitor any browser history
  • You have an opportunity to view even an incognito browser history

sms_grey600_192x192SMS and MMS:

  • Call and sms data
  • You get an access to all incoming and outgoing SMS and MMS with all the content and attached files
  • See deleted messages


  • You will be aware where a person is
  • You will know the exact location of a person with a monitored phone


  • You will know all incoming and outgoing calls
  • You will see all the contacts with personal information available on a target mobile phone
  • Call data and call blocking

photosMultimedia files:

  • You have a free access to all photos, videos and songs saved and downloaded on a tracked mobile phone
  • Call data and call blocking

reviewer-xxlContacts Monitoring:

  • You can view all contacts saved and used on a phone
  • You can analyze the activity with some of them
  • Call data and call blocking

calendar-3-xxlCalendar Monitoring:

  • You will see all the events marked in the calendar and daily planner



  • You can easily check the inbox on a monitored phone,
  •  all received, sent and deleted messages



Block Device SMS Commands Keylogger Remote Control Panel


android-dreamstale03 metroui-apps-icloud-alt-icon ios
Android Monitoring: If you want to use all advantageous features the app offers, you have to root a tracked mobile phone iCloud Monitoring: You do not need any jailbreak iOS Monitoring: to install and use the app correctly you need to know the iCloud password or jailbreak



SMS and MMS Monitoring

See and follow all received and send messages, both SMS and MMS. View also iMessages. Here is a unique opportunity to view deleted messages as well. You can block some numbers that send inappropriate content or spam messages. You also can limit the number of messages that can be sent or received daily.

SMS Commands

You can control a tracked device with the help of sending messages. You has a free success to a target phone even without online access. You can easily lock or wipe a device.

Calls Monitoring

Monitor all incoming and outgoing calls with contacts` information. Know how much calls are done and received per day. Find out how long they are. And much more

Email Monitoring

Monitor all received and sent messages via email. View all messages, deleted as well. Find out information about all contacts, friends, pen friends etc.

Location Monitoring

Get an instant information about the exact location of a person you are monitoring. Follow that location if necessary. This monitoring can help you in case a device is stolen or lost somewhere.

Browser monitoring

Check all the bookmarks and subscriptions. View all websites visited by a track device. You can block some websites that can have a bad influence on a person you are monitoring.

Applications and Chats Monitoring

Monitor all the applications and chats used on the tracked mobile phone. You can set up some time limits if necessary. Follow all online conversations, including all incoming and outgoing messages.


Monitor all photos, comments published on Snapchat. Save your children from bad Web influence or content.

Photos and Videos

Follow all photos and videos available on the mobile phone. See downloaded files as well.

Notes and Calendar

Follow all the events marked on the phone`s calendar. Find out information about some plans, intentions, own thoughts, passwords, etc.


See all photos published and uploaded. Monitor followers and followings. View all the comments below photos.


Know about each tap of the finger on the screen. View all typed texts. See all keystrokes typed.


Determine and specify allowed apps and websites and create a safety zone. You will get a signal in case a tracked device leaves that zone and breaks the rules.

iCloud Monitoring

Install all these beneficial features SPYWAREAPP offers you without jailbreaks:

Notes Calendar Contacts Call logs
Bookmarks Photos Music Locations
Videos Skype Messages WhatsApp Browsers

Additional functions

You will know immediately if a SIM-card is changed

You can reboot a tracked device even on distance

You can protect SPYWAREAPP from deleting

Manipulate tracked device`s activities on distance

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