The SPYWAREAPP can be used with a great number of smartphones and tablets as well. You have to know that SPYWAREAPP brings you a kind of useful opportunity of mobile tracking and monitoring. Among the supported operating systems are Apple iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch – 6.0 and up versions) and Android (tablets and smartphones – 2.2 and up versions). Here is a short list of supported devices.

Operating system: Operating system:
Operating system:
  iOS (6.0 – 9.1)

without jailbreak

iOS (6.0 – 10.1.1)

no jailbreak is required

Android (2.2-6.0.1)
iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Tablets and Smartphones

Oft-times Used Models Supported

acer 56-apple-512 asus-1 google-logo
laptop-lenovo lg_logo-6 samsung-xxl sony-xxl
sony-ericsson-logo-wallpapers-6 motorola-eps-vector-logo huawei_2005 htc-logo-3

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